Josué Gan, PT, COMT, MSc (MSK) student

Josué Gan, PT, COMT, MSc (MSK) student graduated in 2010 from a Physical Therapy School (IFMK) in Strasbourg, France. He completed his first year of master of science at the University “Joseph Fournier” of Grenoble (France). He earned his certification in orthopedic manual therapy with Manual Concepts (Australia) and IAOMUS in 2015. He is involved in the development of Orthopaedic Manual Therapy in France with the IAOM-US and began assisting courses as assistant faculty in 2015. He finished his education in trigger-points therapy and dry-needling in 2016 with the David G. Simmons Academy and began immediately assisting courses.
Currently, Josué is member of the executive committee of OMT-France (RIG) and pursues his Master of Science (MSc) degree in Physiotherapy (Musculoskeletal specialty) at the University of Applied Sciences of Zürich (Switzerland). He lectures at the Physical Therapy School in Strasbourg, France and assesses/treats patients with neuromusculoskeletal disorders in a private practice in Strasbourg (France). In 2017, he will join and work at Physiotherapie Bösch in Bern, Switzerland.