Dr. Javier González Iglesias, PT, DO, PhD

Dr Javier González-Iglesias is a physical therapist in Asturias, Spain, working in private practice as a clinical consultant (since 1999), specializing in sports physiotherapy and manual therapy and has a Master in Prevention of Risks in the Work Place.  In addition, he is a professor of the Escuela de Osteopatía de Madrid and is an active researcher involved in clinical science focus groups studying pain sciences, at Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid, Spain. He conducted his PhD in Physical Therapy at the Morphology and Cellular Biology Department of the Medicine School of Oviedo University (2009). 
To date, Javier has published many scientific papers mainly in the realm of manual therapy and the effects of spinal manipulation on pain which he has also presented in conferences worldwide; he is the author and co-author of book chapters in manual therapy, migraines and neurophysiology of chronic pain, has been a member of scientific committees of numerous international physiotherapy conferences and is a guest lecturer at international conferences.