Maxime Destas, MKDE, PPTE

Maxime Destas obtained his Masseur-Physiotherapy degree at the IFMK Alençon, France in 2008. He then began a long course of Orthopedic Manual Therapy following the Canadian System course and validated the intermediate examination of this course in June 2017. He works in a private practice specialized in several fields, with seven colleagues, and has followed multiple training in relation with the manual therapy such as Manual Concept, Mulligan, McKenzie, Sohier, Busquet, CEKS SPORT. He further learned Dry Needling and Manual Triggers Point Therapy with the DGSA in France and passed the examination of competence OMT-France / ASD in 2016. He also teaches in initial training in the IFMK of Evreux and Alençon. He has a keen interest in teaching and in helping other PTs to improve their skills.

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