Focus Groups and Quality Circles

Focus Groups for Dry Needling and Manual Trigger Point Therapy

Focus groups are a type of independent professional development forum for graduates for the purpose of further practice and continuing education. Focus groups are ideal for ongoing practice with graduates of the course content, for sharing one's experience, for problem solving, for deepening learning and for reflection. In order to practice the course content among the graduates, we encourage participants to organize focus groups independently. We are happy to assist in this process. This is especially relevant and valuable for Dry Needling, for which we recommend completing the entire training including the exam for dry needling therapist as soon as possible. Focus groups should also include practice of the self-study muscles learned and a review of the current evidence. A list of the muscles included in the self-study section can be found here. In addition to practical work, the study of the current literature can also be an important part of a focus group.

Quality Circles for Dry Needling and Manual Trigger Point Therapy

A quality circle (Q-circle) is a type of intimate continuing education study group that is led by a specialist in Dry Needling and/or Manual Trigger Point Therapy. In the Q-circle, participants have the opportunity to review challenging techniques, share their experience, raise issues in their practice, brain storm, practice problem solving and more. The objectives of the quality circle are to enhance professional develpment by sharing experiences and having discussions, to review and improve guidelines, to review evidence based literature, to motivate the use of learned techniques in practice and to improve the quality of medical services. The requirements for joining a quality circle in Dry Needling or in Manual Trigger Point Therapy, is to have attended at least one course. Click here to find further information on the duration and cost of the relevant Q-circle for you.

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