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We offer two diploma course series, the MT courses and the DN courses. The MT courses include the Manual Trigger Point Therapy qualification, and the DN courses include the Dry Needling qualification. Both course series start with the Top 30 course, which trains you in the treatment of the 30 most frequently involved muscles in myofascial pain syndrome. With these 30 muscles you can successfuly treat the majority of patients with myofascial pain in your practice. The Top 30 Combi course includes qualification in both Manual Trigger Point Therapy and Dry Needling. The combination of Dry Needling and Manual Trigger Point Therapy has proven to be highly effective. In the advanced courses, more insight is given into the common muscles affected by trigger points in clinical practice. These advanced courses are divided to upper body and lower body quadrants. In our professional and specialized courses, you learn innovative and new techniques, and gain a deeper understanding of practical tools for clinical practice. In the self-study section, you study autonomously the treatment techniques of the muscles which are rarely affected in clinical practice and the ones which are similar to the muscles discussed in previous training.

We Offer two Diploma Course Series - MT and DN.

We Put a Great Emphasis on Safety.

Dry Needling and Manual Trigger Point Therapy Courses Since 1995.

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