Your DGSA® "Instructor in Your Pocket" is here!

Your DGSA® "Instructor in Your Pocket" is here!



You are a physiotherapist, medical doctor, chiropractor, osteopath, acupuncturist or any other health care professional who is eligible to perform Dry Needling?
In that case, we are so happy to introduce you to our brand-new “Dry Needling Video Tutorials” accessible via desktop, mobile and our very own DGSA® App.

You are looking for ways to treat your patients more effectively, seeing faster and more sustainable results using Dry Needling?
In our 95+ Video Tutorials we cover the techniques to treat the clinically most important muscles causing most of your patients’ pain symptoms. 

You want to gain a deeper knowledge and improve your Dry Needling skills by learning our techniques which we carefully perfected over the past 25 plus years?
We have worked relentlessly to set the benchmark in Dry Needling Video Trainings out there! 

Your patients’ safety is your priority and you focus on using only state of the art techniques in order to guarantee the best for you and your patient?
Let me and the DGSA® team welcome you and tell you more about our product.

Christian Gröbli, CEO DGSA®

Our Dry-Needling-Video-Training will help you to:

✔ Get an insight into Dry Needling techniques through our Video Tutorials!
Whether you’re an experienced practitioner, or even if you’re new to Dry Needling, our tutorials will be your perfect learning companion.
This is why our DGSA® Video Tutorials are absolutely amazing. 

✔Safe time and gain additional knowledge in one place
To safe you time and for your convenience, we have put everything and much more into one single product - we will show you our new referred pain patterns, the landmarks to clearly identify the muscle, the precautions and the appropriate Dry Needling technique for each muscle.

✔ Understand and refresh anatomy!
Keep your anatomy skills updated and think 3-dimensional when performing Dry Needling. That’s where our DGSA® Video Tutorials come in as an effective support tool. 
Each of our 95 videos is an in-depth tutorial of how to treat each specific muscle. Every video considers detailed anatomy of nerves, vessels, internal organs and other surrounding structures.

✔ Keep your knowledge ready at hand!
You will have 24h access to the videos through our own “Video Training Portal” accessible on desktop as well as on your phone and through our very own DGSA® App, which is available in Android Play Store and Apple Store. 

✔ Distinguish between safe und dangerous Dry Needling practices!
We understand that there are already Dry Needling videos out there, but we believe that some of the techniques shown in these videos are potentially dangerous. We want to set the benchmark in providing the best and safest Dry Needling Video Tutorials out there with a focus on safety, effectiveness and experience.

Bonus No 1

When purchasing the DGSA® Dry Needling Video Tutorials, you also get access to 10 basic videos where we teach you the practical and theoretical foundations, that you need to apply Dry Needling.  

Bonus No 2

Each Dry Needling Video comes with a detailed and clearly structured fact page, covering origin, insertion, innervation and function of each muscle, our own new referred pain patterns, anatomical illustrations, landmarks, precautions and techniques.

Bonus No 3

Our own detailed anatomical illustrations will help you to understand the precautions and the landmarks to clearly identify the muscles.

Bonus No 4

Our own new trigger point pain patterns reflect our clinical observation of thousands of patients and help you to understand the symptoms of your myofascial pain patients better.

Bonus No 5

Use the Body Pain Chart to see which muscles refer to which pain region.

Bonus No 6

Your Dry Needling Video Tutorials are available in English as well as in German, French and Italian subtitles. We are working on the Spanish subtitles and are planning further languages for the future. All languages are included in your subscription at no additional costs.

Bonus No 7

You will be eligible to join our private DGSA®-Facebook-Group, where you will be able to ask our experienced DGSA® instructors for help answering your most pressing questions and connecting to other Dry Needling specialists all over the world. 


Get your DGSA® Video Tutorials right here

€ 47

/ Year

Ryan Julianne

Chartered Physiotherapist

Dublin, Ireland

"These are very well executed and delivered videos. I particularly like the format across the videos, expertly directing through the anatomy of the muscle to be needled, the landmarks, safety instructions and effective dry needling technique. I would highly recommend these videos as a learning tool for any physiotherapists wishing to learn or develop the correct techniques of trigger point dry needling. "

Gaël Duprat


Ottignies, Belgium

"The DGSA sets the standard in the treatment of trigger points. With these videos, the DGSA succeeds in offering easily accessible and incredibly comprehensive educational content. You can see the professionalism from the first seconds. Safety, clinical patterns, anatomical landmarks, treatment tips: everything has been thought of to make our learning easier. Thanks a lot!"

Junn-Harn Wong


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"These are certainly very concise videos, both as an introduction for beginners as well as for experienced practitioners who want to expand their skills."

Each video has a clear and standardized structure

  • They show you the Dry Needling procedure for each muscle step by step.
  • We use wide shots, close ups, extreme close ups.
  • The Videos contains clear anatomical landmarks.
  • You learn all relevant precautions.
  • Prevent potential complications which are:

    • injuries of internal organs
    • nerve injuries
    • bleedings
    • infections

  • We talk about many clinical highlights.
  • Easily follow, understand and learn the techniques.
  • The safest and most innovative Dry Needling video tutorials out there.
  • We show you how to apply the best:

    • grip
    • needle direction
    • needle technique
    • position for you and your patient.

Treat even the trickiest muscles, where precision really matters.

Here is an overview of your DGSA® Video Tutorials

3:12 min
3:47 min
4:19 min
4:44 min
4:34 min
4:20 min
4:08 min
2:42 min
3:00 min
3:36 min
4:03 min
3:56 min
2:51 min
9:46 min
4:33 min
3:57 min
3:38 min
3:20 min
3:42 min
5:03 min
3:16 min
2:46 min
2:37 min
3:02 min
3:06 min
3:32 min
4:20 min
2:08 min
3:05 min
4:08 min
2:54 min
3:52 min
3:50 min
3:15 min
3:43 min
3:47 min
6:16 min
3:09 min
4:08 min
3:29 min
3:31 min
3:55 min
3:13 min
2:47 min
3:46 min
4:23 min
4:37 min
2:39 min
4:03 min
4:02 min
4:17 min
2:55 min
3:21 min
4:42 min
4:11 min
4:09 min
3:53 min
3:58 min
4:13 min
4:26 min
2:50 min
3:17 min
3:34 min
4:59 min
4:14 min
4:23 min
2:56 min
3:51 min
4:43 min
4:18 min
4:09 min
5:03 min
3:43 min
4:21 min
3:09 min
4:07 min
3:42 min
4:03 min
2:29 min
2:51 min
3:27 min
2:43 min
4:45 min
3:35 min
2:56 min
3:21 min
2:35 min
3:36 min
3:36 min
2:59 min
10:27 min
7:49 min
3:07 min
2:48 min
8:58 min

Check out this free training video and unlock 95+ other video tutorials!

Get your DGSA® Video Tutorials right here

€ 47

/ Year


Who we are

The DGSA® founders are pioneers in Dry Needling and have been teaching Dry Needling courses around the world since 1995. 

In the early 1990s, the physical therapists Christian Gröbli and Ricky Weissmann together with the physician Fernando Colla, established a systematic trigger point Dry Needling approach.

It is based on a combination of the myofascial trigger point concept by Simons and Travell and on our experience with the so-called “Swiss" approach, a form of Manual Trigger Point Therapy introduced by the Swiss physician Beat Dejung. 

Since then we have constantly improved the techniques with respect to safety and effectiveness, while Dry Needling has become very popular all over the world. 

In the years since its establishment, the DGSA® has trained ten-thousands of students in Dry Needling in dozens of countries and in more than 10 languages. We have also become internationally leading for our high standards and teaching techniques. 

To take the next step in the teaching of Dry Needling to a new generation, the DGSA® Team has now decided to launch their very own Dry Needling Video Tutorials in addition to their in-classroom courses. 


Who is the DGSA® Dry Needling Video Training for?

Our Video Tutorials are designed for physiotherapists, medical doctors, chiropractors, osteopaths, acupuncturists and other health care professionals for whom Dry Needling is within the scope of their practice.
Whether you’re an experienced practitioner, or even if you’re new to Dry Needling, our tutorials will be your perfect learning companion.

Will the DGSA® Dry Needling Video Tutorials be available in other languages?

Your Dry Needling Video Tutorials are available in English as well as in German, French and Italian subtitles. We are working on the Spanish subtitles and are planning further languages for the future. All languages are included in your subscription at no additional costs.

How can I access the DGSA® Dry Needling Video Tutorials?

To save time and for your convenience, we have put all this and much more into one single product - your DGSA® Dry Needling Video Tutorials! Available now 24/7 wherever you are through Desktop, Mobile and App, available in Android Play Store and Apple Store. 

Will I gain immediate access to my Video Tutorials?

Yes. By purchasing your DGSA® Video Tutorials, you will gain immediate exclusive access to all 95 Dry Needling Video Tutorials, fact pages and referred pain patterns. Start learning right away!

If I buy today, will I have access to future updates?

Yes, future updates of this product will be included in the purchase price. This includes all future language updates or additional training videos of this tutorial product, all for free!


What if I want to cancel my subscription?

If you have purchased your videos here on our website, then you will be able to cancel your yearly subscription before your new payment cycle starts. We will send you timely reminders and updates on your subscription, so you are in full control over your payments. In case you have purchased via an app-store, then the terms and conditions of the respective app-store will apply.


Will the DGSA® Dry Needling Video Training provide me with an internationally accepted and accredited education?

Not yet but we are planning to look into it.


Ciro Cunto


Foggia, Italy

"The Dry Needling videos are very detailed, extensive and easy to understand."

Damien Goffinet


Rueil-Malmaison, France

"The videos allow me to improve my practice every day and respond better to the pain of my patients. They are clear and you can clearly see the techniques for each muscle. I can recommend the videos to any therapist who wants to improve their knowledge and practice and increase their competence! In short, indispensable!"

François-Noël Regazzacci


Ajaccio, France

"This app is the ideal partner for each dry needling therapist. Perfect repetition tool. Clear and concise videos with all necessary practical information. Starting with the anatomical topography guiding step by step to the needle technique. The main focus is on the precautions and danger zones that have to be avoided, which is very reassuring for the practitioner."

Get your DGSA® Video Tutorials right here

€ 47

/ Year

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