Nir Kriger


Nir completed his BPT in 2012 from Ariel University in Israel.  From 2012 to 2014, after taking place in the first DGSA course in Israel, he worked in Maccabi health care (public practice), as a physiotherapist, treating chronic and acute injuries. At that time, he was also the physiotherapist of the Ramat Hasharon women's basketball team in the primary league. 
From 2014 until today, he has a private practice in both Hod Hasharon and Rehovot in Israel treating amateur athletes and runners, integrating dry needling, exercise therapy and other evidence-based modalities. 
In 2022, Nir started an internship in becoming an international Dry Needling instructor at the David G. Simons Academy.
Nir developed a specific interest in lower limb rehab, teaching foot orthotics application, sports injuries for both running coaches and physiotherapists, running gait analysis, and lower limb active rehabilitation.