Florian Wick, PT

Florian Wick is a certified Physiotherapist since 2011 , and a certified Massage Therapist since 2008 (St. Gallen Switzerland). Since he completed his studies, Florian has worked for a couple of years in a physiotherapy center in Wil, Switzerland, where he treated various kinds of injuries and pathologies. In addition, during that time he was the team physiotherapist for soccer clubs where he was further trained in sports physiotherapy. Since 2013, Florian has been working in Winterthur, Switzerland, at the physiotherapy practice Gröbli & Gröbli, with a focus on treating complex pain patients, myofascial pain disorders and sports injuries. In 2014, he completed his Trigger Point and Dry Needling certification as a Dry Needling Therapist, DVS (Dry Needling Association Switzerland) and as a Sports Physiotherapist SPT. Since 2014, Florian teaches DGSA-courses in manual trigger point therapy and dry needling.

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