An Evidence-informed Approach to Low Back Pain

Interview with Dr. Johnson McEvoy

Johnson McEvoy, DGSA Instructor, is an expert in the field of low back pain and works as a chartered physiotherapist in a private praxis in Ireland. He has more than 30 years of experience and is not only teaching courses but also working on studies, book chapters and other publications. In the interview, Jacqueline Brunner – also part of our DGSA team – and Johnson McEvoy are giving you an overview about the relevance and different causes of low back pain. They are also talking about various assessment and therapy options. Low back pain has a very high life-time prevalence and is also a huge economic burden to the health care sector. Because of that, the interest in the best available treatment for these patients has risen in the last decades. In our opinion, therapy should be evidence informed. Guidelines and study results are intended to guide us and form a framework for our treatment plan. In addition, there are many non-tangible aspects, we have to take into account. We believe in this combination of patient-centered care and evidence-informed practice and are sure this enables us to treat our patients the best possible way!

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    Refreshing conversation !
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    super ! a quand les sous titres en Francais ? merci beaucoup ^^.
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    Je suis content que la vidéo te plaise. Peut-être que nous traduirons la vidéo un jour. mais d'abord nous travaillons toujours sur de nouvelles vidéos :-)