Since 1995 The DGSA is Leading in Dry Needling and Manual Trigger Point Therapy Education Worldwide.

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Dry Needling Helps to Resolve Muscle Pain Through Precise Insertion of an Acupunture Needle.

What is Dry Needling? What is Dry Needling?

Manual Trigger Point Therapy Can Effectively Treat Pain in Muscles and Fascia.

What Is Manual Trigger Point Therapy? What Is Manual Trigger Point Therapy?

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"I am absolutely delighted with the Determination Christian Gröbli and Ricky Weissmann have demonstrated." (David G. Simons)

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Dry Needling Courses and Manual Trigger Point Therapy Courses since 1995

Welcome to the David G. Simons Academy, DGSA®. As pioneers and co-developers of Dry Needling and Manual Trigger Point Therapy, we are proud to be leaders in these fields internationally. Our goal is to help physiotherapists, medical doctors and other health professionals develop in Dry Needling and Manual Trigger Point Therapy, as well as inform patients about these techniques and help them find the ideal therapist for them.
From Switzerland, we maintain our international network and plan our courses worldwide. The DGSA is named after Dr David G. Simons, co-author of the world known Trigger Point manuals and co-founder of the DGSA.

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Sleep quality

Here is an interesting case report from 2018, which showed that dry needling did not only improve pain symptoms in the shoulder but also had a positive effect on the sleep quality of the patient. What an interesting outcome to have a closer look at.

The effect of upper trapezius muscle dry needling treatment on sleep quality: A case report.

Adapted DGSA® curriculum

We have slightly adapted our DGSA® curriculum in Manual Trigger Point Therapy to better reflect your needs. The MT courses are new two days each: MT1 (upper quadrants), MT2 (lower quadrants). After completing the brand new MT1 and MT2 courses in Manual Trigger Point Therapy, the participant receives the diploma Trigger Point Therapist DGSA®. Our successful Dry Needling Curriculum remains the same.

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In a study from Jafari et al. (2017), the effect of ischemic compression on cervicogenic headache was investigated. Subjects in the treatment group received four sessions of ischemic compression in the trigger point region. After the intervention the headache intensity and duration and the pressure pain threshold significantly improved!

Effect of ischemic compression for cervicogenic headache and elastic behavior of active trigger point in the sternocleidomastoid muscle using ultrasound imaging.

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