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Dry Needling Helps to Resolve Muscle Pain Through Precise Insertion of an Acupunture Needle.

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Manual Trigger Point Therapy Can Effectively Treat Pain in Muscles and Fascia.

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Dry Needling Courses and Manual Trigger Point Therapy Courses since 1995

Welcome to the David G. Simons Academy, DGSA®. As pioneers and co-developers of Dry Needling and Manual Trigger Point Therapy, we are proud to be leaders in these fields internationally. Our goal is to help physiotherapists, medical doctors and other health professionals develop in Dry Needling and Manual Trigger Point Therapy, as well as inform patients about these techniques and help them find the ideal therapist for them.
From Switzerland, we maintain our international network and plan our courses worldwide. The DGSA is named after Dr David G. Simons, co-author of the world known Trigger Point manuals and co-founder of the DGSA.

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Ankle Instability

Up to 40% of ankle sprains result in chronic ankle instability, which can be perpetuated by several factors including mechanical or functional impairments. Therefore, it is important that our therapy is multimodal. This study compares two treatment-methods: Trp-DN into the peroneus muscle combined with proprioceptive/strengthening exercises and a proprioceptive/strengthening program alone. The intervention group which also received dry needling showed higher improvements in function and pain. So, this combination of therapies seems to be a way to treat ankle instability, whereas future studies are now needed to determine the motor effects of Trp-DN and whether the combination of dry needling and training is superior to the exercises alone also with a bigger sample size.

Trigger Point Dry Needling and ProprioceptiveExercises for the Management of Chronic Ankle Instability: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Neck Pain

Something about neck pain again on Monday morning: Chronic non-specific neck pain is a frequent complaint and a medical and socioeconomic problem. In this study 224 participants were examined by a physical therapist to determine the presence of myofascial pain syndrome. Over 90% of the patients showed myofascial trigger points in the trapezius muscle, levator scapulae, multifidi or splenius cervicis! So… Let’s go and treat them this week!

Prevalence of Myofascial Pain Syndrome in Chronic Non-Specific Neck Pain: A Population-Based Cross-Sectional Descriptive Study.

Radial Nerve Injury

A 27-year-old secretary attended physiotherapy occasionaly for deep tissue massage and dry needling for shoulder pain. After a session of dry needling in the area of the triceps muscle she reported left wrist drop and the EMG showed a neuropraxia of her left radial nerve at the spiral groove... That's why it's so important to be familiar with the anatomy and the complications before starting needling!

Radial nerve injury following dry needling

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