Dr. Ebtisam Alsammak


Dr. Ebtisam Alsammak has finished her doctorate of physiotherapy at St. Augustine University (DPT), Florida, USA (2007). She earned her Master degrees from University of Wales College of Medicine Cardiff, UK (2000). She worked in Ministry of Health practicing physiotherapy (1991); in 2001 she became Chief physiotherapist for the Primary health care Physiotherapy up to date. Also, she is practicing physiotherapy privately. Ebtisam had about 3 years’ experience of working as a physiotherapist in the UK (2008-2011), her main specialty is musculoskeletal physiotherapy, and she has a lot of post graduate courses in manual therapy ( Manual Diploma from Australia), which consists of mobilization of the joints, soft tissue release, mobilization with movements and deep transverse friction massage. She is practicing Dry Needling since finishing the requirements to be a certified dry needle practitioner (2015) and working as assistance instructor for dry needling courses.