Zdeněk Čech

PT BSc. MSc.

Zdeněk completed his BSc. Physiotherapy degree at 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague in 2001 and graduated with MSc. (Summa Cum Laude) in Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy program at Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, Charles University in Prague in 2003. He further completed his Certification in Manual Medicine (Prof. Karel Lewit), DNS (Prof.Pavel Kolář), Treatment of functional female sterility (Mojžíšová) and more than thirty postgraduate courses dedicated to different modalities of physiotherapy treatment (manual medicine, kinesiotherapy, psychosomatics and pain science). Zdeněk completed the DGSA Dry Needling curriculum (Dry Needling Therapist DGSA®) in 2015 and still continues with further training in rehabilitation of musculoskeletal as well as internal dysfunctions' treatment. In recent years, he completed Fascial Manipulation®/ Stecco® education in Padova, Italy and has achieved the title Certified Fascial Manipulation® Specialist.
Since 2003, Zdeněk is a member lecturer at the 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, where he teaches neurobiology of myofascial dysfunctions, neurophysiology of somatosensory system, manual techniques, coordination-load kinesiotherapy and participates in teaching of 10 courses in physiotherapy program and general medicine students’ program as well. He is a supervisor or reviewer of University Theses for Physiotherapy students at the Charles University, 2nd Faculty of Medicine. Zdeněk is a co-author of several book chapters and scientific articles and speaker at conferences. Since 2016, Zdeněk is an owner and CEO of REHAEDUCA s.r.o. providing postgraduate courses for physiotherapists and medical doctors. Zdeněk runs his own private practice in Prague, Czech Republic. His main interest is treating chronic pain syndromes combined with internal dysfunctions based on “Evidence Informed Practice”.