Denis Traber


Denis C. Traber graduated in Physiotherapy in 2019 at the university in Konstanz, Germany. Since then he works in the physiotherapy clinic Gröbli & Gröbli in Winterthur, Switzerland, where he treats pain patients, orthopedic patients as well as athletes. He started his intensive advanced training in Manual Trigger Point and Dry Needling Therapy at the end of 2019 and successfully completed as a Dry Needling and Manual Trigger Point Therapist in 2022. He is currently continuing his education in Osteopathic Spinal Manipulation. Through the daily use of Dry Needling and Manual Trigger Point Therapy, it was clear to him early on that he wanted to pass on his learned knowledge and clinical know-how. Denis is happy to now be part of the DGSA-team as an assistant and is looking forward to his career becoming a DGSA-instructor.