Michal Linkovski-Nir


Michal completed her BPT in 2014 from Ariel University (Israel), and in 2022 she completed a master’s in physical therapy at Haifa University (Israel).
From 2015 to 2019 Worked in Clalit health care, the largest healthcare provider in Israel, as a physiotherapist. Treating chronic and acute injuries.
She practices in several multidisciplinary orthopedic centers in Tel-Aviv and Herzlia (Israel), she takes care of patients with orthopedic injuries, headaches, orofacial pain, and temporomandibular disorders, applying dry needling, evidence-based practice, and patient's needs to provide tailored care.
From 2022 she consults the IDF (Israel defense forces) for the rehabilitation of soldiers' acute and chronic orthopedic injuries.
In 2021, started an internship with the Cervico-Cranio-Mandibular Academy for treating and instructing courses regarding the cervical spine, headaches, orofacial pain disorders, and rehabilitation.
In 2022, started an internship for becoming an international Dry Needling instructor at the David G Simons Academy.
In 2018, Michal commenced her MSc studies at Haifa University. With a particular interest in shoulder and neck rehabilitation, sports science and exercise physiology, and human performance.
She conducted research examining shoulder strength and power, comparing healthy and rotator cuff related shoulder pain populations. The research was conducted in the Musculoskeletal Laboratory of Haifa university. In 2022, she joined the Tzvika Greenbaum Cervico-Cranio-Mandibular complex, study group.