Dr. Ghazi Sarhan


Ghazi is a certified physiotherapist since 1994 (BSc Physical Therapy, Kuwait University).  As a young physiotherapist, he was a staff physiotherapist in Salmanya Medical Center, Bahrain, where he worked for a couple of years, after which he traveled to the USA for continuing education. In 1999 Ghazi completed the Master of Science program in the MGH Institute of Health Profession, Boston, USA, and in 2002, he further completed the DPT program in MGH Institute of Health Profession. Since 2004 Ghazi has been working in his own physiotherapy private practice in Bahrain. His main interests are sports injuries and orthopedic physical therapy with a special interest in the spine for which he modified a novel technique in 2001 for treating disc related disorders, utilizing H-reflex and EMG analysis, which he incorporates in his work to date. Ghazi has been highly active in promoting the physiotherapy profession in Bahrain. He was the president of the Bahrain Physical Therapy Association two times in 2002 and 2005, and is the Chief Physiotherapist in Region 3, Ministry of Health in Bahrain. In addition, Ghazi teaches post graduate courses in orthopedic manual therapy, dry needling and Kinesio taping throughout the Middle East and Europe. He became a DGSA-instructor in 2015.