Adriano Di Giacomo


After completing his four-year training as a physiotherapist BSc FH in 2000, Adriano specialized in the treatment of Myofascial Dysfunction Syndrome. In addition to advanced training in Manual Trigger Point techniques (successfully graduating as a Trigger Point Therapist DGSA®) and Dry Needling (diploma as a Dry Needling Therapist ADS®), he also attended courses in Fascia Therapy (Stecco Fascial Manipulation ®, FDM and others), Sports Physiotherapy and rehabilitation, manual therapy (Kaltenborn, Maitland, OMT), osteopathic techniques and Neurodynamics.
Adriano has been working as a physiotherapist and rehabilitation trainer with competitive and elite athletes for years and has always continued his education in the field of Myofascial Dysfunctions and muscular injuries. In his clinic in Zurich, he also treats patients in the fields of orthopedics and rheumatology. Since 2007 Adriano Di Giacomo has been active as a Trigger Point and Dry Needling instructor of the DGSA. He teaches Dry Needling and Trigger Point therapy in different parts of the world in English, Italian and German. He is also a lecturer in the study of 'Osteopathy BSc and MSc' at the Fernfachhochschule FFHS in Zurich and teaches 'Topographic Anatomy on the Human Specimen' at the Institute of Anatomy in Bern.